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The Akads Summer Program is our latest campaign built to help your child learn a new skill, improve on previous learnings, or be prepared for next school year's classes.

Summer Enrichment

review/advance lessons

P3,999 for 8 sessions
P5,499 for 12 sessions

Help your child ace their classes next school year with our Summer Enrichment Program! You can choose to have the tutor review your child on previous lessons or teach them some lessons in advance.

Please note: It is highly encouraged to provide the tutor materials like syllabi or worksheets for this program. If these cannot be provided, the tutor will follow the DepEd curriculum.

Summer Enrichment Offerings:

  • Math

  • Science

  • English

  • Filipino

  • Chinese*

*- Chinese is only available for Lower School students. Limited slots only

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Summer Extracurricular

Digital art

Live One-on-One:
P5,499 (12 sessions)
Live Class (up to 5):
P4,750 (12 sessions)

Through our Digital Art class, your child will learn some design principles while practicing the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The class will end with a project where your child will have to use their new knowledge on Digital Art.

Please note: The student must have both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for this class.

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Basic excel

Live One-on-One:
P5,499 (12 sessions)
Live Class (up to 5):
P4,750 (12 sessions)

Your child will learn all the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel like basic calculations, conditionals, and formatting. They will also have an end-of-class project to apply their new Excel skills.

Please note: The student must have Microsoft Excel for this class.

I'm interested in:

and others coming soon!

Is there a specific extracurricular class you'd like to take up this summer? Send us your idea, and we'll try to find a tutor for you! Here are some examples of possible classes:

  • Drama Movement

  • Programming

  • Vocal Lessons

You can email us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding these summer programs. You can also check the Akads website to view our current tutorial services.

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